I make denim bags and fun products that make statements about who you are and what you love. My motto is “You are One of a Kind” and I like to help you express yourself! 💕

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5 Ways to Personalize your stuff!

Keep reading for some great ideas on how to wear and show off your flair, patches, pins, buttons and stickers!

Number 1- All the bags!

Number 2- Your things!

What is “flair” you ask?

Definition: Stylishness and originality.

Example: She dressed with flair.

Used today to describe pieces such as pins, patches, stickers, keychains etc., that one collects or uses to express oneself. 

Number 3 - Clothing

Number 4- Your space

Number 5- Home decor

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Christina’s Hand-Lettered Sticker Patch Collection

Love to Plan Sticker Patch

This woven patch has a hand lettered design I created with all my planner besties in mind! It can stick to hard and soft surfaces, including fabric! It’s a must piece of flair for all you Planner Girls!

Check it out!

Love Sticker Patch

This pink felt heart with a hand-lettered love in teal metallic thread is gorgeous on anything! Backpacks, bags, Fanny packs, iPad case, notebook, craft cart or journal, just to name a few!

Check it out!

One of a Kind Sticker Patch

A rainbow printed sticker patch with words to always remind you, and tell others “you are one of a kind!” This pretty patch works really well on fabric and even round surfaces!

Check it out!


I got my patch today and absolutely love it!!  I wanted you to know how much I truly love it! Even more beautiful in person!


This is me, nice to meet you!

I love smiling, smiling is the best.

I’ve been a creative all my life, I’m  finally following my passion while I raise my two young children at home. It’s not work when you are doing what you love! 

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