Christina Jean® the Brand

Denim and Floral Tote Bag by Christina Jean Designs

How Christina Jean® Came to Life

My Aha! Moment

The Moment I said YES to a long time dream.

I was listening to Nicole Rixon (of Sweet Stamp Shop) speak at PlannerCon- she was saying “you can build a business you just have to start"  and I finally felt, that day, after wanting to start my own business for years, that this year was the year, this year I was ready to start, it was 2019.

The timing could not have been more crazy as I had a three year old and a 3 month old at the time. I was struggling with postpartum issues- but I had also never felt as much confidence and inspiration as I was feeling during that time.

I have said before that my kids gave me the courage -becoming a Mom- gave me the courage I lacked in the years before to finally pursue my dream.

How Christina Jean Designs Started

I started designing and making the bags I wanted to use, that I could not find in stores. This was how the idea started.

I was looking for something different in my bag, NOT designer, and NOT leather. NOT cheap and GOOD quality. This was hard to find.

Christina Jean Designs Denim Clutch with Original Daisy Artwork


I have loved denim since forever, I mean I am sure you love denim too in the form of jeans so that's where I started. I wanted to use something that already existed in the world (I wanted an Earth friendly brand) and so I started making protypes, from pre-loved jeans.

Denim is the perfect fabric for a bag, its durable, goes with everything and can be cut up and pieced together in SO many ways. You can print on it, dye it and make it anyway you want. It's really a designers dream fabric in my opinion.

I stared out making denim pouches and progressed over the past three years to totes, mini shoulder bags, clutches and so much more, many of my customers also know me for my hand lettered art and stickers that come in each order. I have also started making my own patterns for my bags to give them a unique quality.

Now, 2023, I am on a MISSION to create a handbag line with deadstock denim (denim that is already made but not being used usually left over from large companies), AND my beautiful hand drawn prints, because now I am also a surface pattern designer. The will be truly beautiful and rugged at the same time. Just like me, just like many Women I know.

Christina Jean on a Couch with her Denim Tote Design Style is You Being You

 Work with Me,  Collab with Me!

You can license my artwork or we can collaborate on an idea together!

Collaborations are welcome and Licensing is available

I would love to discuss any collaboration ideas you have in mind and also license my artwork, you can visit my PORTFOLIO (link coming soon) or you can visit my INSTAGRAM to see more artwork.

Email me at anytime! I will get back to you as soon as I can usually around 2 business days. I like to take the weekends to be present with my kids as much as I can. Thank you for your patience.