Surface Design & Art Licensing

Christina Jean sitting at her desk working on new pattern designs and new purse designs

Nostalgic, Vintage, Country, French

My artwork is available for licensing, to see my artwork and creations check out my Instagram, click HERE NEW collections coming soon!

I love fashion, I love stationary and I love fabric, these are my ideal industries to work with, but there are so many amazing products out there I am confident my artwork would look great on. 

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You can email me if you would like to work together, I love collaborations, I am open to hearing ideas you have. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.


It starts at my desk:

My artwork all starts at my desk with water colors, pens and all kinds of paper. I also use my iPad and the procreate app to start a lot of the hand lettered elements. 

 Christina Jean watercoloring at her desk creating artwork for patterns

Scannig and Sending Designs to my Laptop

I then scan my artwork or send it to my laptop to be turned into patterns, prints and motifs. 

Pattern Creation in Adobe Illustrator

I then work in Adobe Illustrator to vectorize my artwork, play around with placement and colors, it's really a fun process for me, just as much as making the art in the first place!

Love Grows Best is Small Spaces art print on Woven Basket by Christina Jean Designs


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