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3 Reasons you should try choosing a Word of the Year

3 Reasons you should try choosing a Word of the Year

It's more than just a Word, it's a guiding light.

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Reason Number One:

It's just ONE word, it's SIMPLE to remember and can encompass both your personal and business life. I have never chosen more than one word, my one word has worked for both by business and my personal intentions.

Intention is another great way to describe this word, think of your Word of the Year as a blanket that covers your whole life, or an intention set over your whole life.

It's also just ONE year you can change it next year that is the point! We all changed your word can change with you.

If you love picking a word of the year grab my free Word of the Year Printable click HERE.

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Reason number 2:

It is a very simple form of goal setting and can really HELP you achieve your goal, resolution, hope, intention or anything you want to call it.

I know lots of people including me who set lots of goals, I run my own business I need to do this type of planning to make sure I am growing and doing what I set out to do. That maybe is NOT you though. That is why I like a word of the year its works simply.

You may be someone who does not set goals but would like a lets say "life intention" or a focus of some sort and Word of the Year works perfectly for this situation as well as a more complicated one. 

You can make choosing a Word of the Year work for you by just looking at it a little differently. I know some people who only choose a word that goes hand in hand with their number one goal and I know some people who choose a word that is only meant for either their business life or their personal life not both.

It's up to you how you use your work it is flexible.

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Reason Number Three:

Simply put, its FUN and can help you do whatever you set out to do!

This is how I choose my word of the year: I get out a notebook (find my custom word of the year notebooks HERE) and start writing all the things down, who I am, what love, what my biggest dreams are, how I want to spend my time, what I need to work on, what worked, all of the the good the bag and the ugly don't leave out the ugly.

I usually do this two or three times for an hour each, you would be surprised what comes to mind the next day or even hours later that you really wanted to get out onto paper.

Once this is done (which I consider fun) my word will just come to me, I know it sounds a little woo-hoo but it works I promise. You just need to get really deep with yourself and your truths.

Bonus Reason Number Four:

It's for everyone, at every stage. There is no one that could not benefit from the word of the year!

Check out my Instagram for more tips and tricks and see what other words our community is choosing this year, click HERE.


I would love to know what word you choose, you can comment below or find me on social and let me know!

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