How I got Pregnant...

How I got Pregnant...

Ok, so we all know how people get pregnant (most of the time anyway) I won't go into details on that bit, haha.

I had quite a journey to get to that place though so here it goes.

I really hope my story will give you hope and inspire you to be be hopeful when sometimes that is so so hard.

In 2014, a year after getting married, we decided we were ready to have kids. We were both young(ish) mid thirties and healthy. We just assumed as many do that when you decide to have a baby you will just have a positive pregnancy test the next month, or the next or...


...believe me when I tell you we tried all the things, I went so far as to buy a saliva tester that tells you when you are at your most fertile, which for me was super accurate and helpful, but nothing actual got us pregnant.

It was 8 months with no positive pregnancy test.  We decided it was time to both go for testing to see if there were any underlying issues. There was nothing that stood out, so more in depth testing began.

They recommended I get my fallopian tubes looked at which was no fun at all, quite painful for me but at least they discovered everything was in working order.

On to my husband, he then had to give a semen sample which wasn't any fun either but to be totally honest they found his semen to be "lackadaisical".  Kinda funny right but this describes it perfectly.

With "lazy" sperm and the fact we had not been able to conceive for 8 months they thought we should go the course of Artificial Insemination. Since my body seemed to be working fine, they would take my husnds sperm and help them out by inserting inside me. He had to start a strict vitamin regimen to get his semen into shape and I had to have one shot in the belly a month and each month we would go through this process...

me getting AI

Me waiting to get Artificially Inseminated for the first time.

We didn't love the process, but you know in the end I give them all the credit that we did get pregnant on our own because knowing we had this as our back up plan I was much less stressed. I had been so stressed not being able to get pregnant and then all the testing and things...

My husband and I on one of our many "de-stress" weekend getaways.
We tried AI twice with nothing, but we decided to take a break for a few months and come back to it if we couldn't get pregnant on our own.
We decided to take a break and quit the artificial things knowing we could come back to it and my husband had started taking vitamins and I really think the less stress and the vitamins were what did it!
We got pregnant on our own!

In the beginning of 2016 we got pregnant with no help, and our healthy baby boy was born in October the same year. It felt like such a miracle for us. 

us baby boy

Us finding out we were having a baby boy at Disneyland because it was such a moment of celebration and happiness for us, we went all out!

This is how I got pregnant.

Everyone has a story, but this is mine.

Not a straight and narrow path, lots of doctors appointments, lots of weekend getaway trips, worries and stress to go along with all of that normal life stuff.

There is HOPE, there are good outcomes. I wish you the best on your pregnancy journey! Please reach out with any questions or if you need to talk I am here for you!

PS: The same month we decided to try for baby #2 we got pregnant. So you never know what the future holds!

xo Christina

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