Christina Jean® Handbags

Daisy Denim Clutch by Christina Jean Designs with quote "Its not about the bag, its about the Woman who carries it."

Christina Jean® Mission & Vision

Christina was born in a small rural town in Northern California and is an Authentic Farm Girl, she was raised to work hard and encouraged to pursue her dreams. Her entrepreneurial spirit came from he parents and her dream to become a Fashion Designer started when she was very young. 

Her Brand Christina Jean® combines her farm girl roots, her love for the Earth, her love for denim and her love for making things unique and brings to life beautiful, rugged designs just like the women who use them.

She has had many jobs, many experiences BUT she is always looking for ways to empower and add beauty to the lives of women just like her. "We are busy all day, we work hard, we serve our families and we know our worth, I just want to give back to women like this, who deserve all the good things life has to offer."- Christina

The Fabric


Denim is my all time favorite medium to work with, I have been making bags with denim since 1999. Go ahead sing the song in your head, I'll wait...yeah you go girl!

Denim's description really embodies the feeling that I want my brand to give you, a brand is nothing without a feeling to give to it's customers.

Denim is durable, rugged, lasts a long time, looks good new and looks good old. Denim goes with everything, when in doubt, Denim.


Christina Jean with her rolls of deadstock denim and her floral patterns

Patterns and Motifs

Florals are my favorite and something I think most people love, especially women. There is nothing like a vase of freshly picked flowers to brighten up your dinner table. I apply that same thinking to my bags, florals are my favorite thing to draw  as well.  My new bag collection will feature patterns that I have made myself which makes my bags unique and that is something I hold in high esteem. 


Designing the prints for the Bags

Watercolor Artist and Surface Pattern Designer Christina Jean at work

Christina watercolors, draws, and creates all her own patterns and designs for her bags. This was something she set out to do in the beginning and has been a hard skill to learn well, but it is maybe her favorite part about the design process. 


Floral patterns and hand lettered designs for denim bags and other products by Christina Jean 

Designing the prints and putting together the final pieces of the bag designs is so much fun. It's all my favorite things rolled into one. I love prints and patterns, I love designing the bags and creating something completely new and different because it came from me and no one else. That makes it unique.


Christina Jean working on her tech pack for her denim and floral tote bag


Christina has been sewing since she was 8 and before she became a full-time Mama and handmade bag business owner her career was in Fashion. She worked  in so many positions and at different sized companies and learned more than she ever dreamed. She was assistant designer, Production Manager, assistant technical designer and most recently Technical Designer. Her knowledge runs deep, creating her own handbag line has been a dream she has been after for the past 3 years. 

So here is to the next step: manufacturing her own handbag line right here in the USA!

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