Your Word of the Year 2021, how goes it?

Your Word of the Year 2021, how goes it?

How is it going with your word of the year...quarterly check in!

I chose the word Courage and it is serving me well, if your word isn't helping you, change it, there are no rules here!

I know many people who chose a word of the year for many different reasons, motivation, inspiration, goals, etc. There are so many reasons.

I chose my word of the year, Courage, to help me say yes, say no, and be ME.

It has actually been helping me grow as a person and help me grow as a business owner and actually step onto the path I really want to be on. That means saying NO to other paths and having the courage to to say NO and face consequences also that come along with NO's.

There are also lots of YES's and GROWTH when I chose my path, stay my course, don't get distracted by shiny objects, or by what someone else may be doing.

I have set my course, I'm on my way. I need Courage, so this sign is helpful as well as my stickers and just knowing that is the word I whisper to myself when I am having doubts.

How is your word working for you?

If its not working like you thought it would or should, change it, re-evaluate what you need and go for that new word.

You need something whispering in your ear saying "yes" "you got this" "remember why" its really super helpful and I am not a big woo woo person, but sometimes its just the thing!

I wish you all the best of luck in the remaining year with your word of the year!

xo Christina




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