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3 Reasons Why Sticker Patches are the BEST!

Sticker patches are a generally new product, I know a few other companies that make them, but not many.

Sticker patches are not what you are used to, most patches are iron on, which are permanent and require an iron.

Let me give you 3 REASONS why sticker patches are so COOL and FUN to use!

1-They can stick anywhere, and I mean anywhere! Think jackets, bags, notebooks, planners, backpacks, shoes, craft carts, you get the idea!  The patches have a REALLY sticky backing that can adhere to any surface.

Sticker patch on iPad cover creative girl and planner girl

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2-All you have to do is peel and stick, no iron required! You can immediately apply your sticker patch by peeling of the back, just like a sticker and pressing it down to your surface of choice!

Denim Bag with Sticker patch

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3-They are removable if you change your mind AND they can be permanent if you can get someone to sew them on! Tired of that patch you put on your bag or notebook, just peel it off and stick on another!

Disney Girl sticker patch on ita bag

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 I hope you have found this helpful and if you were scared or didn't understand sticker patches I think you do now. If not then watch this video below that shows you how easy it is! Just click on the link!

Check out this video in the below link on how to put on a sticker patch!


Thanks for reading!


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Christina Jean

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