What Memorial Day means to Me.

What Memorial Day means to Me.

Freedom isn't FREE.

It's paid for with the work and the deaths of our fellow Americans.

My Grandpa Bill and my Poppy Jack both fought, and they both made it home safely but it wasn't without scars...

My Grandpa Bill swore he would never eat any lamb or fat on meat again, and he didn't. He cut off every ounce of fat on things and my Grandma didn't even bother cooking certain meats.

My Grandpa Poppy never took food for granted, even when we were young he would still go "dumpster diving" as we lovingly called it for the day old food, the food stores throw out every day because its out of date. We ate so many old bags of chips and bread (that were perfectly fine by the way).

It's funny the two things above are food but it's something you can control even when you don't have a lot of money and are raising kids, and its something we talked about and knew about as kids.

They also lost friends and fellow vets along the way and never did they take that lightly, they didn't take LIFE lightly and they definitely didn't take it for granted.

They raised my parents to respect people and work hard.

My parents taught me the same values that now I am trying to instill into my children. We make life too complicated and it's really NOT.

When Memorial Day comes I first think of the fallen, (really I think of the ones they left to early most). The empath in me can't help it.  The ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family, their families also suffered and deserve our respect. I also think of those that served and are left with scars of all kinds, there are too many to list. Everyone is left with something from war.

Let's not let the legacy they fought for be forgotten, let's remember them and remember where we came from and why we have the opportunities we do. Freedom doesn't come FREE.

As I prepare for a big launch, that is all 4th of July themed I am so happy to be creating something that speaks to my country that I am proud to be a part of. A country that has given me and so many others opportunities that other countries wouldn't be able to give. I'm truly blessed to be an American.

Both of my Grandpa's have passed onto their next life and I couldn't be more proud of them, they lived during hard times, we are in hard times, so I am drawing from their strength and from their stories to get through mine. 

Love you Poppy, Love you Grandpa, Miss you always and forever!


xo ChristinaAir Force


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