The inspiration behind the Fall Sweet Fall Box

The inspiration behind the Fall Sweet Fall Box

I have loved putting together some themed boxes this year for you all.

It has been something new for me sourcing products and designing exclusive bags for each box. You can purchase it now, click HERE.

This Fall themed box has a really unique bag that is one sided denim and one sided vegan leather. The pumpkin print on this bag was my favorite Fall print I have found, its beautiful and the quality is outstanding as usual in all my materials.

vegan leather denim bag

For the first time this box has a piece that you customize, you can choose the letter on your charm, which makes a perfect pull for this bag but you can remove it easily and move it to another bag. I am in love with the mustard plaid vegan leather, and its double sided!

initial charm

Another unique thing about this box is that I am including 2 of each of the heart pin and heart sticker so you can give them away and spread some LOVE. I know we can all think of someone who would appreciate some love and support and this is a perfect way to show it. The heart is my own artwork and the colors are meant to match the bag, but also stand alone and a beautiful piece of art. 

You can purchase it now, click HERE.

Heart sticker heart pin

Lastly the two tea lights with two different scents, Autumn Leaves and Sweet Pumpkin (these are handmade soy candles from another business). I love to have something in my box from a fellow small business owner. I found the tea light holder to match the theme perfectly, its actually a tree with the bark and all that has a hole in it so you can put in your tea light.

fall tea light candles

There is also a mystery item, which you will not see unless you order the box, it is pumpkin themed and so special. It's a very unique item that was made for this box by my Mom.

I hope you love everything as much as I loved putting it all together. This is my last box for this year, it's such a good value. My bags like this alone go for $45 and you can get this entire box for $49! 

You can purchase it now, click HERE.

Fall is my favorite season, I hope this helps you celebrate the new season and gives you some beautiful and unique pieces to add to your collection!

XO Christina

heart pin


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