Spooky Cute Halloween Inspiration

Spooky Cute Halloween Inspiration

Happy Halloween!

I know its not even close to October 31st yet, but I have had Halloween on the brain, in my studio, and everywhere else for 2 months now preparing this collection for you all!

At first it was just going to be a little collection, maybe 3 different bags, but its turned into so much more and I love every stinkin' piece so much!

This collection will be a lot like the Fall collection because there are many one of a kind, or two of a kind pieces, a few three of a kind but that is it.

It's really fun for me to do really limited and exclusive designs, but I will be moving away from that in 2022 so now is the time to snag these really special pieces!

The reason the collection grew was as per usual, I found so many fun fabrics, I just had to have, I just had to create with. I am always really inspired with fun prints.

I have also been making different bags, I have definitely been branching out from my pouches and wristlets. You will definitely see that in this collection. Fall was the beginning of it all, when you started to see some different silhouettes, and there are even more coming!

I really hope you find something that speaks to you, there will be 8 different designs and all of them are special, unqiue, and pieces you will love for a long time I just know it.

So Happy Halloween on September 23rd, I know if you love Halloween you don't care what day it is. 


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