Creating Bags That Add a Little Happy to your Everyday

Creating Bags That Add a Little Happy to your Everyday

Everything I design and make is made with the intention of adding something fun, happy, nostalgic and just plain cute to your everyday life.

My pouches, bags, totes, wristlets, clutches, you name it are all meant to bring you a little happiness every time you open and use them. I think to myself "will this make my customer smile?" the answer HAS to be YES.

They are also fun to decorate with patches, pins and buttons so you can add even MORE fun and uniqueness to your bag!

I started this business to give women a different option when it came to their purse, something that wasn't designer and something that wasn't common place, something different. A handbag, purse, whatever you call your everyday can't leave the house without bag.  I have come so close to giving you everything I imagined, when I first started this business, but I have a little ways to go.

I have more in store for you, handbags are on the way. I really want to give you an option for your everyday handbag or purse and even though you can use my pouches and wristlets and big totes for pretty much vision was to give you MORE.

I am creating a brand of handbags. They will be dreamy, inspiring and versatile. They are made with my customer in mind, that's YOU and with the mindset of creating a community of women who love bags, who have stories about their favorite bag they had in college that went to all their classes. The bag they met their husband with and the bag they carried that one year they went traveling in Europe.

I can't wait to hear your stories, and make your next bag you can't live without and remember as that bag that.... you will fill in the blank.

This is BIG NEWS and I hope you are as excited as I am to bring this all to life. I plan to launch the new bags at the end of this year, but I am giving myself grace, and if they come in 2023 (the beginning I will be so pleased).

I will be trying some new things this year, so please feel free to leave me feedback, my email is always open, my messages on social are always open. I really love to hear from you, you have helped me get to this place where I can dream bigger and bring you MORE and I am so so happy!

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 Christina Jean

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