Pouch Sizes Galore! + Exciting News!

Pouch Sizes Galore! + Exciting News!

Pouch Sizes Explained

I have many pouch sizes in my shop, and I am going to explain why, and show you some of the standard sizes.

I also have an exciting announcement at the bottom!

As many of you know I make denim pouches from upcycled or pre-loved jeans same thing really. 

I make the pouches sized to what makes the BEST use of the jean for the most part, not to match a certain size of pouch.

Do I have any standard sizes? Yes!

The first one is the coin pouches.

Coin Purse

This is sized for cards, cash and smaller items, headphones, coins etc. They are approximately 5.5" long and 4" tall. Now I say approximately for most of my sizing because I cut and make everything by hand and there is always going to be a slight variance. 

Fun Fact:

In actuality all bags and sewn items will have a slight variance in size because ultimately sewn products are still made by hand in a factory overseas or by hand by a maker like me, but still by the hand of a human being. I know this because of previously I worked in the Fashion industry, I have worked for Athleta, GAP and Lucy.

Next up the Mini Pouch

I also make what I call the Mini Pouch, the size on these varies a little bit but they are about 6"-7" long and around 5" tall. I try to use the denim as efficiently as I can as I said before, but all sizes will be under each product description so just check there!

My Standard Pouch 


The sizing for my Standard Pouch Size actually depends upon my faux leather sheets I buy to make some of the bags. I have to buy specific zippers for this size as well so it stays pretty consistent at 7.5" long and 6" tall.

My Large Pouches 


This is the size I started with, I wanted it to be big enough to carry a variety of things and its a great size for pens, which was also a reason for this size. Making this large of pouch left me with little pieces that were perfect for the coin purses.

Clutches and XL Pouches

My XL Pouch is big enough for notebooks and planners that are A5 and a little bigger, the clutches are meant to carry as are just a couple inches shorter that the XL pouches.

Best Practice: Check the Description

I have made so many different sizes I cannot keep track myself so the best way to know the size is to check the description.

Stand up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches


These are some of my best selling items, the stand up pouches have so many uses, I know many of my customers use them for travel.

Wristlet Pouches- Vary in Size


Wristlets are fun because you can free up your hands if you need to or you can use them as pouches since I make the strapes detachable. This is a style that will also be getting an update in the coming year. Stay tuned and don't miss the exciting announcement at the bottom of this post.

What about the Pamela Jean Bag??

This bag is currently under a big update. I have just a couple left on the website that are the old design, and I love that simple design its so great.

I am updating this style because I have an amazing idea I think you all are going to love so much, I hope to launch it in 2023 (I was hoping for the end of 2022 but I don't think that will work) Good news is if you are on my email list you will get all the details and even get to help me throughout the process.

 Exciting NEWS!

New styles are coming, and I am growing my shop into a Brand. A Brand that makes bags for women that inspire, uplift, and comfort.

I will be designing with women who work, who stay at home with their families, who live on one income and who love denim and fun prints and want a bag that is more than a bag, but a piece of their heart they can use everyday for all the things they do. 

I will be striving to create a strong community of women who love bags, being kind, and have open hearts.

I can't wait to take you all on this journey with me, without you I would not be able to even have this vision. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Christina Jean Bags that Inspire and Uplift 



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I’m excited for you, Christina.

Shannon Waite

I am so excited to see where 2022 and 2023 takes you!


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