My First Fabric Design- "Planner Girl, Babe Nerd" in pink, teal and bright yellow.

My First Fabric Design- "Planner Girl, Babe Nerd" in pink, teal and bright yellow.

I have been wanting to design my own fabrics for my bags since I started my company, but they take a lot of work and time to develop, so I haven't gotten as many made as I had hoped this year (2021) but I hope the next couple years will hold more patterns created by me for YOU!

I had big plans for these designs going to all the big planner events and conferences but most of them have been postponed or cancelled until 2022 so I couldn't wait any longer!

Check out the collection HERE!

I have printed this design on lots of different fabric types including knit, canvas, denim, minky and more!

I have been able to create a super beautiful and fun collection this way! This is definitely for all you planner girls, planner nerds, planner addicts, planner babes, planner lovers out there!

I couldn't find anything on the market that was very planner related a couple years  ago so I made my own unique design using my hand lettering artwork.

Planner Pouch XL

The XL planner pouch shown above is a favorite it will fit books and even small planners! It is white denim on the outside and a fun pink rainbow print on the inside!

Planner Wrislet

The planner wristlet above shows off you planner spirit with canvas and denim. This one is special because it features my second fabric too, a simple heart print which is on the faux leather strap and the inside lining!

 planner snuggle pouch

This is what I am calling my planner snuggle pouch, made from Minky fabric ( a super soft and fuzzy baby blanket fabric) it is just perfect for Autumn and Winter. It is snuggly on the inside and outside which makes it super fun and unique!

I have more designs in the Planner Friends Collection! Click HERE to check them out!

I plan on creating more of my own fabric designs, if you have anything you would like to see I would really love to hear!

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I have always wanted to design fabric and what better reason that to use in my own collections! This will make my designs even more unique which is what I am striving for everyday. I want to give you all a fun, classy, pretty and happy collection of bags that brighten your day!

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