Holiday Pop Up Shop Featuring my pattern collection "La Forêt en Rose"

Holiday Pop Up Shop Featuring my pattern collection "La Forêt en Rose"

Home Goods and Stationary Gift Collection

Available online Dec 2-11 

I have finally opened a print on demand site, which means I did not make the products myself, but it opens up so many new products for me to offer you and to use with my artwork.

The first collection is inspired by my love for vintage, all things French and Roses. I had such an "easy" time coming up with this collection and the six prints. It just flowed from my heart so effortlessly.

The hand lettered designs say La Vie En Rose which if you know the saying in English is goes something like: "She looks at the world through rose colored glasses" which is to mean through a lense of positivity and love.

I thought this concept would be so fun to use with this collection that has a magical feel to it especially in the Forest print with blue and mauve trees as well as blue roses.

Forest in Pink

The Rose Forest:

Where imaginations go to linger, liberate and find peace.

Where our minds wanter to when we have no place to go and all the time in the world.

Where La Vie En Rose, life where only the good things and love are left to exist.

 Above is the story and the feeling behind this mini collection, each print has a name as well. From Left to Right:

Rose Forest

Blue Roses

Midnight Roses

Forest Floor

La Vie en Rose

Vintage Roses

Find these prints on mugs, blankets, notebooks and more!

I can't wait for you to see the shop! I have gotten samples of the blanket, mug and notebook, so I can tell you they are wonderful. The pouch and the pillow I do not have a sample of but I am sure they will be beautiful (as they do feature such lovely artwork). Wink Wink.

Thank you for shopping with me, for all your encouragement with my artwork and for just supporting me as a designer and artist. It means the world to me to have you with me on this journey.



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