Book Lovers Bag Collection!

Book Lovers Bag Collection!

Are you a book Lover?

I sure am, I can read all night long and forget to go to sleep, even though I went to bed "exhausted". Do you do this too?

I designed a special fabric and teamed up with a fellow book lover, Christina, who I met on IG and fell in love with her bookstagram feed. You can find her click HERE.

The fabric was fun, bright and pretty, all things we both love!

It also had to include some hand lettering of mine with great phrases I say ALL. THE. TIME. like " I'm reading" and "my books" along with "I love to read all night long", "my happy place" and "one more page".

This fabric describes book lovers to a T and is super fun, I hope you enjoy the simple styles of pouches and a cross body I put together for this mini collection.

You can shop the book lovers collection easy just click HERE.

I read ALL the time, ALL kinds of books but I do love a good Irish Romance set back in the day, those are my favorites. The connection they had to the land and the earth was beautiful and the landscapes are always so serene and relaxing in my minds eye.

How about you, what are some of your favorite books?



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