All about the Pamela Jean Bag (AKA the weekend essentials tote).

All about the Pamela Jean Bag (AKA the weekend essentials tote).

 All about the Pamela Jean Bag

Pamela jean bag

Named after my Mom...

5 reasons to LOVE this bag!

Number One: it's unique

This bag pattern is my own design, its simple and a bit quirky and its just perfect.

It's box bottom makes it big enough to hold everything you need for a weekend away, it started out with the name weekend essentials tote for that reason.

Number Two: it holds the perfect amount

It can hold your work essentials, travel essentials, planning essentials or just your everyday carry all bag.

It does not have any pockets, yes, that's correct. I love pockets in clothing, dresses especially but in bags honestly they just get filled with forgotten item and crumbs from who knows where.

This bag is meant to use with other pouches, or smaller bags, that keep your smaller things, maybe a pen pouch, makeup bag, or other small bag. We all have lots of these on hand these days but I also make them for you!

travel bag

It fits all my planner essentials.

Click HERE to check out my denim bags.

Click HERE to check out the Pamela Jean bag, but go ahead and search my website for "Pamela" and you will find many more options to choose from!

You can find lots of Princess and Mickey and Minnie prints in the Disney Collection.

You can even find a patriotic one, planner girl one, and more prints are coming soon! 

Number Three: simple design features

Another great feature of the oversized pouch is the handle, its short enough to carry with your hand down (it won't touch the ground I am 5" 2"). It will also fit in the crook of your elbow or on your carry on suitcase. It makes it easy to carry around with no bulky straps.

This simple design makes it easy to throw in a large bag or suitcase as well, and can even fold up when not in use.

I hope if you own one of these bags you love it, and please go check out all the beautiful prints you can choose from for the inside, this is sure to make it feel like its truly yours.

Planner Bag

What will you put in your bag?

Number Four: you can dress it up!

All my denim bags are perfect to add a little something to as well, like pins, buttons, patches, you can even paint to stamp on them with fabric paint the sky in is the limit really. 

This way you bag can really become unique to you and it gives you a way to show off your personality, things you like or even just have a place for your fav patches!

If all that wasn't enough to convince you how useful and amazing this bag is, then I have one more thing!

Number Five: it's earth friendly and goes with everything!

It's made from re-claimed denim. I source my denim for these bags from wholesale shops that buy unwanted denim from brands who want to sell off their un-used denim. So I don't make any NEW denim, I use denim that is already made. Making denim, really any fabric, is detrimental to the planet, so this  is an eco-friendly choice that you can feel really good about.


Denim goes with everything in your closet as well, you really can't go wrong when it comes to denim, its one of my favorite things to carry around with me.

 pins on bag

Decorate your bag with things that make you happy!


Customer's are loving this bag, for themselves, for gifts and for all sorts of things, my Mom uses hers for all of her crossstitch, Wendy uses hers for traveling, Amber stores her medical supplies in hers and there are many more uses too!

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