Did you grow up in the 90's?

Did you grow up in the 90's?

I did!

I'm an 80's baby and a 90's girl!

I loved high school honestly so I have so many good and fun memories from that time, one of them being vending machine stickers!


Say what? You probably thought I was going to say music, or mix tapes, maybe roller blades or amped up car speakers, well those are all great too but listen...

I grew up on a farm in the literal boonies, I'm for real, so we didn't go out to eat much but some of my favorite memories are eating pizza out with my family and begging my parents for a couple quarters to get a vending machine sticker!

Remember you could choose a theme: goth, flowers, football, and snarky saying like "bad girl"...you would then choose the one you hoped you would get from that set and cross your fingers and heart while you turned the dial?

girl power

Then you slowly open your cardboard sleeve they came out it still wishin' and a hopin'..... wahoo you got the one you wanted or, well maybe Dad will give me a couple more quarters to try again and so the obsession begins....

I dug up a photo of my collection from the 90's it was taped to my mirrored closet door, I mean you can't really stick them you need to "save" them am I right!

Please don't judge my 90's room and our poses, this is memory lane right here.

Designing a collection of stickers with these memories was SO MUCH FUN!

I hope you love my collection as much as I do, I upped my drawing game and really made myself proud, I would love to release more collections like this if you are game, let me know!

90's roomMy sticker collection is all down my mirror, some favorites are the tie dye heart, the blue rose and one you can't see, girl power one!

I hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane and my new collection of stickers called 90's Nostalgia! They all come together as a set of 3 and you get my cool card board packaging just like you did using the vending machines. I mean I want to get this happy mail!


You can get this set for yourself, just click HERE! Unicorn, rose, and Girl Power are all included and hand drawn and hand lettered artwork is all my own!




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