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A Trip to Paris- A Bag Collection that will inspire your Parisienne Spirit

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My latest collection of bags included Paris themed print and hardware, my favorite was the Eiffel Tower pulls on many of the zippers. They were in Rose Gold and Silver and looked super chic.

Check out the collection click HERE.

This collection was inspired by my love for all things French!

I had always wanted to learn how to speak French ever since I was little, like Elementary School, don't ask me how I got the idea in my head, I have no idea. I was young and we lived in the country on a farm in a super small town. French wasn't even offered at my High School, I had to wait until college to take my first French class.

I enrolled in French 101 at Sonoma State University my first year and was introduced to my future major (unbeknownst to me, I was a business major at the time) right then and there. I fell in LOVE with it, studying was something I looked forward to and I had THE BEST French teachers (Shout out to Christine and Suzanne). If you are looking to study French yourself I would recommend Sonoma State a million times over!

I had also made sure that Sonoma State was a State school that had study abroad to France as that had also somehow made it onto my list of things I must do in college. I passed the entire application process and was accepted BEFORE I even told my parents because I was scared they might not let me go.

They did (bless their hearts) let me go, no one in my family thought this was something I would do. I was the shy one, the careful one, the planner. Little did they know I had been planning this from the beginning. I had taken the courses I needed and filled out all the paperwork all on my own. It was a big deal to me something I felt completely compelled to do.

Getting on the plane my Junior year to go study French in France was a core memory I will never forget. I wasn't scared, I was excited! I met my soon to be roommate on the plane (didn't know that either) and the rest is memories that I will cherish my whole life.

I came back from France a year later, changed my major to French, still managed to pull out a minor in Economics with all my business classes and graduated in 2007 with a degree in French and minor in Economics.

I was ready for Fashion School now too, that was next on my list of things to do if I was going to be a famous designer one day.

These bags, purses, pouches, coin pouches etc, represent all things French, and give me all the French and Paris vibes.  I hope they inspire you to visit, remind you of your visit, or just take you there in spirit.

A bag, purse, handbag, wristlet, whatever you call it is something so personal. You use it everyday, and it in turn has memories, memories you made with that bag. I hope my bags go with you, make memories with you and you love them and use them for a lifetime, or at least while it suits you.

Some styles have already sold out, but there are many more beautiful bags left for you to peruse just click right HERE.

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