Celebrating International Woman's Day 2022 with Four Generations of Women

Celebrating International Woman's Day 2022 with Four Generations of Women

Celebrating Women, today and always...

Today is a special day, because I have FOUR generations of Women in my family alive today. That is amazing right!?

I think it's pretty special to be a woman, and I have been lucky because the women in my life have all been appreciated, loved and treated as equals by their men.

Both of my Grandmas were not only the backbone of their families but also the one behind all the money management. My Grandpas made the money, but my Grandmas invested it and increased their wealth significantly. They were and are (my Mom's Mom is still alive at 94) SMART!

​Below is a picture of 4 generations of women who are darn lucky and wicked smart!

​L to R in the photo below - My daughter(2), Me(39), My Mom(71) and My Grandama (94)

 4 Generations of Women

My Mom was a stay at home Mom by choice but she was the CFO of my Dad's construction and farming business. 

I have been blessed to have these women who are held in high esteem, by their husbands and who really made more important decisions than the them. Who runs the world? Girls! In my life this is the truth!

I did not grow up thinking that because I am a woman, I was at a disadvantage.

That is HUGE.

If you are someone not like me, you need to hear this:

Know that you CAN do whatever you set your mind to achieve. It may take time but you CAN.

Yes, it really is that simple, don't let the haters get you down, don't let someone tell you you CAN'T, Man or Woman, just GO, DO, BELIEVE. 

Unfortunately Men and Women can put the wrong ideas or messages in our heads about what we can and cannot do as girls, as women. I urge you to NOT listen. This is not the truth, it is only what they themselves know or believe. Don't limit yourself because of what someone else thinks.

Photo below: Me pregnant with my second child. At my Grandmas house in Tahoe, who is no longer with me, when I did this photo shoot. But it HAD to be here. 

This ROOM and this place was calling to me.

Me pregnant with Ayla

My cousin who is one of the most beautiful and caring souls I know took this, and many of my photos for me. This was one of our most memorable shoots together because of the location and how we brought Grandmas bedroom to life again. This shows proof how much she had an influence, her bedroom was dripping in florals and roses, and PINK.

I have been blessed with STRONG women, and men with CARING hearts in my life and when those two can work together magic can happen. I would not be where I am today without the Men in my life as well. It's hard to celebrate only the Women today when it was a TEAM effort on my parents part that I became who I am today and that

my limiting beliefs just did NOT exist.

So thank you to my Grandmas, my Mom, my Mother in Law, my Sister in Law, my Grandpas and my Dad for not letting me believe in these myths.

The MYTH that women cannot accomplish everything a Man can, it's just NOT TRUE.

With all my heart, take care and celebrate YOUR women, they are exactly what the world needs.

Christina Jean

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