Christina with her 90's inspired bag collection

Retro Collection-Bags inspired by my 90's childhood.

Retro Handbag Collection- Inspired by my 90's childhood, this bag collection is nostalgic and fun!

Retro Collection with Hand Bleached Denim Bags

This collection of bags, pouches, coin purses and more has come straight from my heart and soul, my memories, and things I enjoyed when I was young. 

I also discuss how I came to find the term Xennial and how it made me finally feel like I can say I belong to a generation instead of being caught half GenX and half Millennial. 

This collection was a long time in the making, I hand bleached the denim last summer for it, and I have collected the faux leathers over the past months as well to make this collection a 90's girl dream. 

Bleached denim Clutch being held by Christina

 All the pieces have exclusive fabrics, vintage denim, my hand bleached denim and my exclusive 90's fabric design I made especially for this collection. I am so happy you all have loved it so far and I am adding some new pieces over the next few weeks too so stay on the lookout!

I was unsure how to name and go about talking about this collection because honestly I have had a slight crisis when it came to identifying as a Millennial or a GenXer, I definitely felt like neither generation were really where I fit in, so I started on Google of course to do some research.

I found this great article that really broke it down and its where I first felt like OHHH I have people like me! Read it HERE. It's also where I first heard the term Xennial.

While doing this research I found a song that was made just for us Xennials as well and you you find it HERE.  It's called born in the 80's raised in the 90's.

We know what floppy disks are and were young when the first computers came out but our adulthood was in the digital age. We know what it was like to have a cordless phone and to have to brush your teeth while just staring into the mirror.

We know a time of Peace and comfort as well as a time of War and uncertainty unlike any other generation. It's a hard generation to be a part of but that's why this collection was born. To remind me and you of simpler times, times no one was judging us on social media, a time we had to go see our friends to hang out (not text them) and we took our Discman and Walkman everywhere we could. 

It was a collection born out of a need to feel connected again to people like me, who loved the slower analog age and who want to be reminded of swimming holes and roller blades, long phone conversations with your bestie or your boyfriend and doodles in our notebooks.

On a personal side note -My CD collection is huge and yes I still have it, I am nostalgic, my collections come from my heart, my memories and my love for inspirational and fun things. They are meant to bring happiness, nostalgia and fun because I think those things combined make for some pretty amazing bags that are more than just bags. They are a piece of who we were, a part of what makes us who we are today.

Check out my Retro Collection click HERE. I know you are going to enjoy checking it out! Especially if you are like me and love the analog age.

Girl Power Coin Purse

Thanks for reading along with me as I go down memory lane and for checking out my new Retro Bag Collection, I would love to know if you as well are an Xennial leave a comments below! Or come visit me on social and shoot me a message!

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