3 Ways to Use Your Vegan Leather Pouches to get Organized in Style!

3 Ways to Use Your Vegan Leather Pouches to get Organized in Style!

Hello friends!
Trying to be organized and stylish can be hard, but I'm here to help you with that.
I love to be organized but I also love cute, pretty and happy things. I have 3 ways, 3 ideas of how you can use your pouches to stay more organized in style.


Number One: Mask and Sanitizer

Keep a pouch that just has these things you can throw in the car or another bag when you leave the house. This one is particularly great because it has a bracelet attachment so you have easy access, you can even attach your keys or attach it to another bag!

Heart Polka Dot Pouch

Number Two: Glasses Case

I think these days we all have some type of glasses: reading glasses, prescription glasses, sunglasses, blue light glasses, there are probably more!

These pouches have a flannel feeling on the inside so they work perfectly for glasses you can even store your cleaning cloth and cleaner it it. I use one for my blue light glasses and have one in the car to put my sunglasses in when I change to my regular glasses, yes I have prescription sunglasses too. With my blue light glasses as well, these pouches have proved super useful!

Glasses case rainbow pouch

 Number Three: Pens, Chapstick, Small Items

So, we all have those things we keep in our bag, purse, glove box, or really have no where we keep it so its everywhere. These pouches are the perfect solution, they keep little items organized. Need your pens and washi tape at hand? Put them in a pouch. Need your comb and other hair accessories easily accessibly and safe? Put them in a pouch! I think you get the idea, what do you have that needs a place?

Pens white pouch

These vegan leather pouches are super useful, help with organization and keep you looking stylish and fun! I you have any questions or want to share how you use yours please let me know!

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Your Vegan purse’s are Sooooooooo PRETTY 🦋.

Rita koch

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