2021 favorite things for Christina Jean Bags shop pouches, denim bags and vegan leather pouches

2021 Top 10 Fan Favorites and Highlights for Christina Jean Bags

💕Your Top 10 Favorite Things in 2021💕

Your favorite things from my shop in 2021, based on sales and items sold- let’s go!

This year personally was full of so many ups and downs but this creative business, where I get to make you all things that bring you happiness, was definitely my favorite thing this year!

Below are your top ten favorites and let’s be honest mine too! 

1) Mini Denim Pouches

I made some one of a kind mini pouches, with some sold out fabrics on the inside, which were a big hit, I have more of these coming in 2022! 

Mini Denim Pouches

2) Vegan Leather Pouches

These were a new product I developed and cut out using my Cricut with a cut file I made. I had found so many cute prints in faux leather I thought these would be perfect to store little things inside your larger denim pouches. You all loved them too I could keep them in stock for a while. It also started my vegan leather obsession. 

Rainbow vegan leather pouch with glasses

3) 90’s Vending Machine Inspired Sticker Collection

This was one of my favorite projects and a big hit with all my sticker lovers. I still have sets left, you can grab yours now click the link above.

Girl Power Sticker and Magnet

4) Themed Gift Boxes

Another new thing I tried this year, I got such good feedback from customers, but the time and work that goes into these was just too much so going forward I will not be doing gift boxes. You can still grab my first ever gift box HERE on major sale!

Fall Themed Gift Box Set

5) Launched my first collection featuring my own Fabric Design

It is called “Planner Girl, Babe, Nerd” and it is in my favorite colors, teal, pink and yellow. This design was meant to be launched at all the Planner Conventions I was going to be vending at but they all ended up canceled so I had launch via my website. Check out the Collection click HERE.

XL Planner Pouch for your Planner

6) Launched my Pamela Jean Bag

This was the first bag I had designed specifically for a weekend work trip, planning trip, project trip. It holds just enough but not too much. The design is different but I wanted basically a big pouch I could carry so I added a handle to the side. I wanted to keep it simple. So many of you ordered this bag and then bought them for family and friends. Thank you! Shop the remaining styles HERE this will be retired and given a totally new look this year.

Pamela Jean Denim Tote Bag

 7) Denim and Faux Leather Combo Bags

This was one of my favorites and some were really popular sold out in a day or two and some are still up waiting for homes. Check them HERE some are on sale! 

8) Stickers!

Stickers are always popular, but I will be doing less of them. You will always get one with yourself order but they will not be for sale after this year so grab yours while you can! January 13th I am having a special on a sticker grab bag, you won’t want to miss! 
Sign up HERE to be sure you get the code! 

Unicorn Holographic Sticker

 9) The Bags with the Princesses and M and M! (Can't say the real name)

Ok you all loved the Mulan, Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Princesses collection along with Mickey and Minnie, definitely a favorite. I have a few more designs with these prints coming out this year (January 2022) and then that will be that because I will be starting to design all my own fabrics starting 2023.

Cinderella Denim Pouch

10) New Sticker Patch Collection

The new sticker patches that came out were, bright, fun, happy and of course easy to use. You can shop all the sticker patches I have left HERE. Like stickers these two will be gone at the end of the year. 

Sticker Patches

I have some amazing things in the works for 2023 already, ans it’s going to be all about Handbags that make you feel like you. Afford ans fun, for women who work either at home or out of the home. 

xo Christina

PS Don't forget to enter the Giveaway this month in honor of my Planner Collection, it has so much good stuff, click on the image below!

Planner Giveaway

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