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Planner Girl Heart Sticker Patch
Planner Girl Heart Sticker Patch

Planner Girl Heart Sticker Patch

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Size 2"

Sticker patches are my thang, they combine two things I love: stickers and being unique! 
There are not many sticker patches on the market and none that are hand lettered designs. Hand lettering is my art form. 

My sticker patches are very strong so they sticks anywhere, including fabric. Sadly, or not sadly they are removable from fabric (not permanent) but that also allows you flexibility to change things up that an iron on patch doesn’t. 

Sticker patches can go places iron on patches can’t and can really make for some fun statements on your notebooks, journals, planners, iPad covers, craft storage, boom boxes, computers, and really any place you want!

I do have a couple of designs that have an iron on version because I get sometimes you want that forever feel, but any of my sticker patches can be sewn on for the same forever wear. 

Some patches are printed, some full embroidery and some woven, they all have different and unique qualities to them but the Woven and printed are best for surfaces that are not completely flat as they are thinner and can bend without coming unstuck more easily than the embroidered ones. 

Not for resale.